Business and tax

Evaluation of the fiscal impact of company policies, analysis of economic trends both inside and outside the company, identification of areas of inefficiency, improvement of processes and optimization of company objectives. Establishment of companies, planning of corporate and group reorganizations, extraordinary operations and corporate restructuring, sale of shares, assistance in the generational turnover phase.

Start up

Establishment and registration of start-ups in the appropriate section of the Business Register. Support in drafting the business plan, analysis of the regulations of favor and tax incentives for new companies and businesses characterized by a strong technological connotation. Financial advice and access to credit, collaboration with crowdfunding platforms.

Financial advice

Planning of corporate financial needs, forecasting of financial flows and selection of suitable tools. Assistance in the management and optimization of relations with credit institutions, in the admissibility of the company to the Guarantee Fund for SMEs (Law 662/1996), access to grants and calls. Management of the company crisis, redefinition and removal of debt positions.